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Charted Institute of Marketing Certificate

Learning never stops, each day we learn something new. As part of my development, I am so pleased to be studying with the Oxford College of Marketing to gain certifications to allow me to work towards a Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma. 


Designing your businesses website can be a stressful and costly experience. Here at K Munro it’s what I not only enjoy doing, I am passionate about it. Using industry leading software we create your website, whilst you’re in the knowledge it’s safe and ready for anything your customers throw at it. 


Social media is ever growing. With the introduction of many new and upcoming social networks it can be hard for businesses to know which platform will work best for them. I manage networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Snapchat, TikTok and more. Using so many social networks helps engage with everyone from the younger generation to the ‘just as young’ older generation. 


Every business is unique and our approach to branding involves working closely with you to understand your requirements. Once I have got to the heart of your business, we can help you to design your new branding. Services ranging from business cards to custom brochure design and prints. 


I get asked this question often – many clients do not wish to break the bank while creating their online presence. Pricing depends of a variety on factors, some of these include whether you want a fully custom coded site, have specific integrations required to be added to the website, for your website to be CMS friendly and so much more. The best thing to do, is reach out for a quote and I’ll be happy to explain pricing more to you. 

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Absolutely! Setting up your social media accounts can be a timely and confusing process. To start we will discuss your plans with the business, how you have advertised previously and what your looking to get out of social media. Once we have discussed this, I will then advise on which platforms are best suited for your business. After we have agreed on this, I will get to work setting these up and will help train you around the platform! 

My social media management service covers three social accounts. For most people the three are Facbook, Instagram and Linkedin. However we would discuss this more in-depth in our discovery meeting. If you are looking to add more channels, I of course can do this and I’m happy to discuss this further.

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